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The Arm Cannon is an Awesome launcher that can be purchased in the shop for 1,600 crowns.


The Arm Cannon (Arm for short) is unique (not to be confused with the Unique Rarity), as it can fire three different levels of rockets. With each level varying in damage and speed. Rockets can be charged up while holding the Left Mouse button, and will be fully charged after around 4 seconds; in which it cannot be charged anymore. After firing any shot, it will recharge extremely quickly afterwards.

With a simple tap or charged slightly, it will fire a small pellet. These pellets will not explode and deal 45 damage to targets, but are the fastest out of all of the projectiles.

When halfway charged and released, it will fire a medium-sized orb. This has the capability to KO an enemy along with producing a below-average explosion, but will travel slightly slower than the small pellets and you cannot rocket jump with the explosion.

When it is fully charged, it will fire a large orb. This orb more powerful than the medium-sized orb, along with having a high explosion power and the ability to rocket jump with it. This orb will travel the slowest out of the three projectiles.

The Arm is excellent for combos because of its uncharged 45 damage making it an amazing combo maker with the Shadow Shuriken. If you want a quick KO, make sure to charge it before attacking an enemy.

It is unknown if this is a glitch. When on a mobile, you can charge it up release it, then tap-hold again, you can fire as much blasts as you want with out having to charge it again, allowing you to deal a lot of damage. This is very powerful in Roundcat Rally as you can destroy most defenses with ease.

This can be amazing in infection to escape and stay safe from danger with the buffed rocket jump. Though the charging time might make other rockets like Hoss Hog or Crystal Blaster be better than it.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • -400% reload time.
  • +30% rocket jump.


  • Only explodes if almost fully - halfway charged.
  • Can only rocket jump when fully charged.


  • The Arm is likely based off of Mega Man's primary weapon, which goes by the same name Arm. It can be charged in the Mega Man games like this one and the description likely refers to Mega Man.
  • The full charge of the Arm has one of the best rocket jumps in the game.
  • The Arm used to slow down the user whenever they tried to charge up a projectile, but has been removed.
  • It is the only launcher that can be charged.
  • Players who buy this and use this for the first time will tend to forget to charge it, leading to many players having an unpopular opinion of it.


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