Super Doomspire Wiki

The Bloomerang is a Awesome ball that can be bought for 3,200 crowns in the shop. It was added on the 8//2/2020 update.


The Bloomerang is a variant of the Boomerang, but has another unique feature. When thrown, it can be jumped on for you to be boosted into the air, similarly to the trampolines in the lobby or built by a Trampoline Trowel. This allows a lot of versatility with platforming and jumping away from danger. It even has the ability to push/tip doomspires, due to it being able to collide with parts, just like the boomerang.

It’s downsides are that it takes longer to be thrown and charged, recharges way slower, and doesn’t travel far if it wasn’t charged. It's possible to avoid falling into the void by placing a bloomerang at the right time to bounce back up.


  • The Bloomerang can be used as a trampoline. You can use the Bloomerang to get to places that you usually cannot.
  • During Sudden Death, or when your team has no more spawns left, the Bloomerang becomes an amazing escape tool. Throw the Bloomerang, possibly hitting others, then bounce on it. Incredibly useful if there are multiple people chasing you at once. If paired with the lunge ability, this tool can become extremely annoying to other players.
  • The Bloomerang can also be used as an alternative to bomb jumping, albeit having worse height gain.
  • Practice with it. You can use this in the air, and you can also throw it upward or downward.
  • The Bloomerang can be used to fling towers if thrown in the right spot or thrown below the tower before it reaches the ground. This is due to the Bloomerang being able to collide with tower parts.
  • If you land on it midair you can get a mid air jump.
  • The Bloomerang is really helpful for comebacks as it provides mobility and it can tip towers.
  • Although it does not state it as a nerf, it has a longer cooldown and speed than boomerang.
  • Sticky Bombs can stick onto the Boomerang. This will cause the boomerang to return to you horizontally, but stay or fall vertically until the sticky bomb explodes.
  • Bombs that can be planted are able to be planted on the boomerang. This will cause the boomerang to be unable to return to you and stay or fall vertically until the bomb explodes.
  • It stays on place after reaching the destination longer than the boomerang. This sometimes helps for damaging enemies.
  • If you throw it straight up without charging it, then perform a homerun jump, you are able to easily able to reach the Bloomerang, allowing you to get a high amount of vertical mobility.
  • During infection, this is useful to kill infected while staying safe.


The Bloomerang has Two reskins:

There is no difference in stats, instead having a different model and sound effect when jumped on since its just a reskin.


  • It is the longest cooldown ball followed by boomerang
  • The ball has its own glitches for spires.
  • The name "Bloomerang" is a Portmanteau of "bloom" and "boomerang."
  • It's the only superball (along with it's reskins) that can't break tower forcefields