Super Doomspire Wiki

The Bombardier is a Very Rare Launcher that can be bought from the shop for 4,000 Crowns. It was added on the 21/2/2020 update.


The Bombardier is unique on how it fires rockets: instead of firing a rocket in a straight line, it fires rockets at an arc, and when fired it makes a falling whistle noise. This allows your rocket to fly over to places a normal rocket would not. The rocket’s damage increases as it travels; rewarding good aim at far distances but can be weak in close-combat scenarios. it looks like a quad launcher yet it fires 1 rocket.

You will move slower when holding the Bombardier, which may make it a hindrance when trying to rocket jump or when using it for combat. It also has slower reload speed.

Because of the arc when firing the rocket, it can be considered that it has one of the second shortest range of all launchers, the first one being the Crystal Blaster. But due to the arc, it makes the projectile a lot harder to reflect. The arc can be useful in Roundcat Rally, due to it being able to mostly avoid reflects and easily go over walls. However, it isn't able to reach every cat. It is also quite hard to aim so it is recommended to use something such as the laser cannon for Roundcat Rally. It's great for clutches because of the more rocket jump, and the arc.

The Bombardier's logo on it changes depending on team color.


The Bombardier has one other reskin for it.

Pros and Cons


  • +30% Blast Radius, meaning
  • longer rocket jumps
  • Damage increases as it flies


  • +25% Reload Time.
  • -15% Walkspeed while Holding.


  • It is the first weapon to be made from a non-developer of the game, Garterchoncho.
  • This weapon is one of a few weapons that have the logo of the team the holder is in, others being the Homerunner and Scope Shot.
  • This is considered to be the hardest rocket to reflect.
  • When the rocket does get reflected, it travels in a straight line rather than an arc.
  • If this is reflected by a home run, it will be reflected in the same angle it was shot.
  • Sometimes the explosion glitches and the projectile doesn't actually explode.
  • It has the highest blast radius buff in the game.