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Bombs are a tool in the game used for bomb jumping and destroying towers up close. Though they can kill players, it is hard to pull off as they need to be close to the bomb.

Some bombs roll around, some (mostly) stay put, and some stick to buildings.

It is possible to use the roll of some bombs as an advantage; such as rolling a bomb at others to inflict damage to them. Homerunning default bomb, square bomb, and its skins will launch them to the direction based on the user's location are facing while doing so. This does not trigger the batter up buff.

By pressing the special attack key for every bomb except the Sticky Bomb and the Remote Detonator which can be charged and thrown instead, and the Shadow Bomb which cannot be planted, the bomb will be planted on the ground. When planted, it will stick to the surface it is on. Planted Bombs give a 20% boost to bomb jumping, but have a reduced blast radius. After performing a bomb jump, smoke particles will be emitted for 12 seconds, meaning that consecutive bomb jumps will have their heights significantly decreased. This debuff is called “smokey”. If the bomb jump is performed horizontally (lesser than about 10 degrees vertically) the debuff does not trigger.

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