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A Brick Boxes model.

Brick Boxes are boxes that appear in towers and when opened by hitting them, a brick appears out of the box. The brick item gives exactly 10 bricks and it will refill after 15 seconds.

They can be opened by:

  • Being hit by Launchers (Also being moved).
  • Swings of your Sword.
  • Bombs.
  • Some Special Abilities (Home Run, Great Spin, etc.).
  • Other miscellaneous attacks.


  • There are 2-3 brick boxes in a map of infection.
  • Rocket launchers,Bombs and Home run (Homerunner’s special ability) will move the box.
  • Some special abilities does not have enough power to open brick boxes. (Like Flame Cutter, Ice Cutter, and Serve.)
  • If some trowels are on it, and you open it the trowels will fall off.
  • You can make a working car with this and use a homerunner to make it knock players off, but it's hard to pull off.