Super Doomspire Wiki

Classic is a mode in Super Doomspire similar to the original Doomspire, there are only four teams, (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue).


Your task is to destroy all the enemy doomspires by blowing up their towers.

The goal is to eliminate all of the other teams. This is achieved through removing their spawns, then KOing the rest of the team. Each team has 14 spawns in their Doomspire.


  • It's best to use bomb jump when about to get to others towers.
  • Keep on eye on the visitors that are trying to destroy your tower.

When to destroy a tower, you should always destroy both the bridge structure and the penultimate floor.

It will not work if you don't destroy both the bridge or the floor.


  • This mode is the same mode in the original Doomspire Brickbattle. It is called Classic for that reason.
  • In 21/10/2020, the mode time limit has been decreased to 7 minutes (previously 10 minutes). (Similar to Two Teams)
  • This is the first mode added.
  • It is the only mode to feature all 4 teams rather than 2.