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Conveyor is a map only available in the Roundcat Rally gamemode, and includes an exclusive feature: conveyors.


This map consists of two mirrored sides connected by conveyors with a little section at the top, and a bridge near the bottom connecting the two. The middle section contains two unprotected roundcats. Each side has one roundcat in the front. Behind that roundcat, there is a wall protecting another roundcat. Lastly, there is a higher platform at the back of the map, with a wall guarding a roundcat. There are 8 roundcats in total.

There is a bridge up front connecting the two sides, featuring two conveyors, one going to the left, and one going to the right. Going on the conveyor will result in it carrying you to the other end. The arrows on the conveyor points in the direction where the conveyor will carry you.


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  • Conveyor is the first and currently the only map to feature conveyors.
  • It is possible to hit the set of covered roundcats nearest to the middle of the map without destroying the wall in front of them, by shooting from the opposite side of the roundcat you want to hit. This can be defended against by building a trowel on the side near the void in the middle of the map.