Super Doomspire Wiki

The Crystal Ball is an Awesome ball which can be obtained from the Intermediate task "Right Back At Ya!", which requires you to reflect a rocket 10 or more times. It is a reskin of the Superball, and is also the only Superball weapon that emits light when thrown.


It does 30 damage per hit and has no upside, nor downside. It also staggers the player, making it fantastic for follow-ups with other weapons or cratering somebody into the abyss, making it a better as a tool to stop a player in their tracks rather than a weapon.


  • A bug exists when one respawns, the Crystal Ball is translucent but subsequent balls would be totally reflective, reflecting the skybox or void.
  • During the Alpha phase, this weapon had the Unique rarity, eventually being taken down to the Awesome rarity.
  • It has a unique crystal sound for each bounce.
  • Some believe that the task's name is a reference to the Kirby series.


  • When trying to complete the quest, it is easily done in Roundcat Rally. If this doesn't work, use the AFK mode, get a friend (who is also AFK) and go down into the tennis courts below the lobby and try to complete it. Another tip would be to avoid using swords that increase a rockets speed when deflected (the Shadow Blade, the Tennis Racket and the Homerunner) and rockets that go incredibly fast (the Scope Shot, the Crystal Blaster, etc).
    • The recommended tools are Rock Star and Umbrellade as Rock Star travels extremely slowly and Umbrellade does not have strike so spam clicking can work without strike affecting the reflecting.