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The Greatsword is a Very Rare sword. It costs 2,000 Crowns.


The Greatsword has the largest range out of all the swords in the game with 7 studs. It deals 60% more damage each swing at the cost of a -100% swing speed penalty and a -20% speed penalty while held. Its Special Attack is the Great Spin, which deals heavy knockback and 50 damage to any enemy caught in its area.


While the Greatsword is an incredible tool in terms of pure damage, it considerably decreases your mobility. The decreased movement speed makes you a much easier target for ranged attacks, so exercise caution when holding it. Its Special Attack can remove some of the bad mobility though, as it can be utilized to gain momentum or to move while attacking.

The Greatsword is useful for crowd control due to its large range, and combined with its equally large damage, it's a great option in Infection Mode.

It can also be used to save yourself from falling since the Great Spin gives a decent air boost.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • 60% more damage and range
  • 25% ragdoll time resistance
  • Fairly effective knockback


  • 100% slower swing speed.
  • 20% slower walk speed.
  • More reload time.
  • No strike attack.


Note: Please add my Dates into the table below if you can. I don't know how. Date : ? Buffed Greatsword's Great Spin by buffing damage by 10 (Damage now 50) 8/20/21 Nerfed Greatsword's Great Spin by reducing damage to 2/3 of what it used to be(from 60 to 40 Damage)
Date Changes
21/10/2020 Added 25% ragdoll time resistance to Greatsword

Greatsword walkspeed buffed -25% -> -20%

27/3/2020 Increased Greatsword swing time (midair is unaffected)
8/2/2020 Greatsword animations changed so Colossal Blade doesn't hit with the blunt end

Greatsword can attack more often in midair

31/1/2020 Great Spin damage increased to 60
1/18/2020 Greatsword's speed decrease reduced to -25% (from -20%)


  • The walkspeed nerf can be negated by equipping the sword when swinging, then quickly unequipping after it. This helps quite a lot when you do sword jumps.
  • Just like Flame Cutter, Ice Cutter, Mega Smack, and Home Run, the Special Attack Great Spin gives a small upward boost, but it also give a bit mobility if your walking or going forward.
  • Though not stated as a nerf its special has a longer reload time, and it doesn’t have a strike attack.
  • It used to do 60 damage on a great spin.


The Greatsword has 4 other reskins:

There is no difference in stats. The swords instead receive changes to the model itself. All of these are purely cosmetic changes and will not have an impact on gameplay.

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