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Infection is a Gamemode in Super Doomspire, there are two teams, Infected (Green) and Survivors (Red) and the round has four maps to choose from Dark Jungle, Storm Hill, Possum City, and Crimson Courtyard.

Team Info

Infected: On the infected team, all player health is drastically reduced to 30 (70 less) and will deal only 17 (68% of the original damage) damage with normal swords, however infected players are faster and can jump higher than survivors. If an Infected player kills a survivor, they will receive a permanent +5 health until the round ends. The Infected team members are restricted to the Sword and Superballs. The objective of the round as an infected is to defeat all of the survivors within 4 minutes. The Infected members may also use special jump pads (rafflesia flowers) to jump to high places. If a player that is on the Infected team is defeated, they will drop bricks that a survivor can pick up to add to their brick count. The MVP requirements is to have the most KO’s as an infected.

Survivor: As a survivor, the objective is to survive for 4 minutes. all survivors have access to all of their tools, however if they die once in the round, they’ll be put on the infected team. All bomb jumps are reduced for survivors, and using rafflesia flowers stuns the player. Survivors also can't break into the Infected towers. The MVP requirements is to have the most KO’s as a survivor.



  • It's best to swarm with your teammates as most weapons can easily one or two-shot infected players.
  • Any kill or assist you get will increase your maximum health by +5, so try to keep a consistent kill streak going to increase your health to survive more hits.
  • Both the Sword and Ball can break tower forcefields and player-made buildings from the Trowel.
  • The Superball & Coconut can be a useful utility as it can stun any survivor to deal more bonus damage and can smash down windows and forcefields with a fully charged ball.
  • You will deal less damage as an infected, so try bringing high damaging swords and balls.
  • Utilize jump pads around the map and the increased jump and movement speed given as an infected player to attack players that are hiding in higher places.
  • Try knocking survivors into the rafflesia jump pads, as it may stagger them for a long period of time; allowing a swift and easy kill.
  • With your high jump power, try to attack/finish off survivors from behind. Most weapons will not hurt you if you’re behind them.
  • Never rush into a group of survivors, they will most likely kill you in the process without much progress being made. Pick them off from afar with balls.
  • Try to prioritize breaking damage dealing buildings like the Ball Turret and Spikes, as they can easily kill Infected players.
  • Reflecting rockets can be a safe way to deal with survivors that tend to use launchers.
  • Here are some tools you should avoid from Survivors:
    • Greatswords/Reskins: This can easily take down groups of infected players in one swipe as it can one-shot infected players. They are slower targets, so pick them off with balls and finish them off with your sword but beware they resist 25% of ragdoll so they won't stay ragdoll for too long.
    • Frying Pan: The Frying Pan can also instantly one-shot infected players with one swipe, similarly to a Greatsword; but it has no speed penalty. Stay away and never fight one head on, unless you have more HP.
    • Darkheart: Darkheart users are able to heal off most of your damage just by killing infected players since they have less health. It can easily kill with Lunge, so keep a distance and try to never rush them with a group of unprepared teammates, only try kill them when you have 50 HP.
    • Homerunner: While you deal less damage, this gives them more time to land a Home Run. If they land a Home Run, they’ll gain a speed buff that lasts for 10 seconds; allowing them a quick getaway.
    • Fire Sword: A single swipe from this sword might not instantly kill you, but the burn can still kill you even if you just took one slash from the Fire Sword. Flame Cutter can also one-shot infected players.
    • Paintball Gun/Slingshot: Although these cannot kill outright, they can weaken you to the point to where anything can kill you. They can be spammed quickly, so try to outrange them and deal with them before you’re finished off.
    • Ball Turrets: A Ball Turret will launch superballs that will knock away and stun you when you’re in it’s targeting range, a single survivor can build 2 turrets but at a large cost of bricks. It fires extremely accurately, So try to break it with balls and don’t let the owner obtain more bricks.
    • Spikes: These structures can deal massive damage to the zombies, leaving one with no kills at 5 health, and can block choke points. If you are trying to break in, break any buildings the player puts down with balls.
    • Remote Detonator: Survivors can make these bombs explode at will, and they can place multiple of them.
    • Boomerang/Reskins: These can outright kill you if you don't dodge it, because it can hit you twice even if you have more health and beware it will return to the owner and will also hit you.
    • Bloomerang/Reskins: Similar to to the boomerang but it only hits once but the player can use it to bounce by touching them, Stay alert and try throw a superball or use the lunge ability if you have HP to prevent them from escaping.
    • Arm Cannon: A single small pellet of this can insta-kill you and is very fast but is easy to dodge. If you see that the player is shooting a large orb, try to reflect it.
    • Voxcalibur: A midair attack can easily kill you, so try to avoid it at all costs.
    • SuperBalls/Coconut: Although you have the same weapons like the survivors, an experienced player can use them for their favor and they outright will kill you if you get hit, but if you have more HP this will leaving you wide open to other attacks and can combo into another ball throw. This can be an advantage to Darkheart users because they can stun you and kill you by the ragdoll effect, so keep moving in zigzag or jump to avoid get hit. Be careful, the coconut is more dangerous as you’re stunned for a longer time.
    • Shadow Clone: Shadow Clone users are able to teleport to anywhere by clicking on the selected place, allowing them a quick getaway and beware, attacking the clone will make him explode and give you 25 damage, a single survivor can place 2 clones and remember, break all clones to make sure that you won't get killed.
    • Crystal Blaster: When it explodes, it deals a ton of damage, meaning that no matter what health you have, it will insta-kill you. It has short projectile range so stay alert and don't get hit.
    • Shadow Shuriken/Bow: Both of them can be charged, the bow can give massive damage when charged but it only deals 25 damage when it is uncharged with a big reload time and slower firing rate, so try to outrange them and deal with them before you’re finished off. The shuriken is more dangerous as it deals 30 damage when it is uncharged and has a quick reload. Just like the bow, it deals a lot of damage when charged.
    • Rockstar: Besides it being the slowest rocket, its hitbox is big and it can get you unnoticed when you are fighting the survivors. The Power Chord can blast you away if you are trying to break the bricks made by trowels, if you hear the guitar sound stay away from it and finish them off with your sword.


  • Viable tools that can easily pick off the infected players are a must, like the Greatsword, Darkheart or Frying Pan. Building trowels that can deal damage like the Ball Turret or the Spike Trowel are also a good support tool.
  • Boomerang can be useful too, it can get rid of groups of infected if you have experience and kill the infected with more HP.
  • The infected are able to destroy player-built buildings with their tools so don’t rely too much on them holding up.
  • Survivors are able to “use” the rafflesia jump pads, but will damage them and will stagger them for 5 seconds. So avoid using them altogether.
  • Survivors are given a limited amount of bricks to build with, but killing an infected player or finding brick blocks around the tower will make them drop Bricks for building.
  • Bomb Jumping or Bloomerang jumping can help in escapes when being overwhelmed by groups of the infected, but be sparing on what tool you will use to escape.
  • In infection, there is no rocket jump nerf so use the Arm Cannon to rocket jump and escape, as it has a really good rocket jump.
  • Using the Shadow Shuriken or the Bow may help in killing higher health infected players.
  • Keep a count on which infected players have the most kills, as you might not expect a high health infected rushing at you.
  • If you are not willing to exit the tower, you may be able to enclose yourself in the tower with a trowel, destroy the glass within the spires to obtain bricks, and then build yourself in a hiding place within the spires. This makes you an idle target as you are stuck in there.
  • Be careful on using your Launchers for both combat and traveling, rockets can be reflected and will instantly kill you if you’re not careful.
  • Be cautious around ledges leading to the void, infected players can easily get a jump on you and knock you off the map.
  • Here are some tools you should avoid from Zombies:
    1. Greatsword/Reskins: Even with slightly lower damage, Zombies are able to do heavy damage with a Greatsword. Great Spin can deal a large chunk of your health if it hits and can launch you into more danger or into the void, so avoid it all costs.
    2. Frying Pan: The Frying Pan deals slightly less damage than the Greatsword, but can stagger you with Mega Smack; leaving you helpless on the ground as they can easily target you down. It’s knockback can also launch you into the void, so be careful around them, Shadow Clone can be useful to escape from Mega Smack.
    3. Shadow Blade: The Shadow Blade might not deal a lot of damage per swing, but it’s lunge can be deadly if you’re caught off guard. It can also reflect rockets fairly easily and increase the rocket's power as well.
    4. Superballs/Coconut: Both of these can stagger, leaving you wide open to other attacks and can combo into another ball throw. These will deal their full damage and can break glass, forcefield doors and player-built buildings. The Coconut can be way more dangerous as you’re stunned for a longer time.
    5. Snowball: This ball reloads quickly, and chills you making you move slower and jump lower. Be aware when you’re chilled and find alternative ways to move when chilled.
    6. Paintball Gun/Slingshot: These will deal low per-shot damage, but will deal large chunks of damage if most of those projectiles land. These can weaken you to the point to where most infected weapons can kill you.
    7. Shadow Shuriken: Shadow Shurikens can deal massive damage when fully charged, making it easier for Zombies to take you down. Avoid them at all costs.
    8. Homerunner: The Homerunner can be as deadly as the Frying Pan but it deals more knockback, making it an easy choice to knock infected into the void. Home Run can catch players off guard, dealing fairly heavy damage while launching them away hard. If they get off a Home Run, they’ll gain a speed buff, making them even faster,
    9. Fire Sword/Firebrand: In the hands of an experienced player, the Fire Sword can be a lethal weapon that can end players in quick succession, especially when paired with stunning mechanics like the Coconut. Avoid their flame cutter and out range them or engage in close combat to prevent them from delivering their burn hit.
    10. Brickbreaker: When used properly, the Brickbreaker can become the most dangerous weapon in infection as it has the ability to destroy blocks and player-made trowels, allowing other infected players to infiltrate the survivor tower with ease. Its sword skill, Brick Smash, can destroy blocks and trowels as well as launching players within its range and one-shot a survivor in direct hit, but at the cost of 50 bricks. When paired with Bloomerang, it is possible for an infected player to get rid of the survivor tower and all the spawns, revealing all the survivors even there are more than two survivors left. Like survivors, do not let infected players get bricks and take them out as soon as possible.
  • You can build a tall tower with Truss Trowel and snipe the infected using it. Since they do not have any rockets or bombs to destroy your tower or you, they will have to climb up your tower to get you. In the process, you can shoot rockets or drop a bomb at the infected. However, when they do get to you, take a melee weapon, recommended the Brickbreaker to finish them or knock them off. But be careful, because the infected may reflect a rocket and destroy your tower or kill you.
    • However, the Coconut counters this as it has more destruction damage to destroy the tower.
  • When infected are near the tower, you can just shoot a rocket at that infected to KO them. But keep in mind that the infected can reflect your rocket and damage you and/or others and/or blow up your Doomspire.


These tasks are able to be completed in Infection only:

  • Brains, Brains! (Beginner Task): Win 10 rounds as an Infected in Infection. (Reward: Zombie Sticker)
  • Making Fiends (Intermediate Task): KO 100 survivors in Infection. (Reward: Nail Bat)
  • Left 4live (Intermediate Task): Win 10 rounds as a survivor in Infection. (Reward: Frying Pan)


  • Playing on any map (excluding Dark Jungle, which plays “Where the Thorns Grow”) in a round of Infection, an old Roblox OST known as "Telamon's Sword" (also known as “Winds of Fjords”) will play throughout the round. This could be a late reference to an old Roblox game known as "Build and Survive the Zombies".
    • This song has been remixed by Zamual in the April 29th, 2020 update. You may listen to it in this video.
  • After a round of Infection ends in where the Infected wins, any player that is infected will still have their reduced health in the lobby. This will reset after they die or a new round starts.
  • The survivors' tower can be damaged if an infected reflects a rocket.
  • If a survivor dies before the message "Survive against the infected!" disappears, the player will not respawn on the infected team.
  • On older versions of the game, the infected would not get 5+ health every time they KO'd a survivor, this was later changed because it was very unfair to the infected as weapons like the Frying pan, Greatsword, Darkheart could be used to easily survive and kill the infected.