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The Jungle is a map where its setting is in the middle of a dense jungle.


The Jungle map features eight platforms, four being the floor of the spires and four connecting corners. In the middle, there are a group of trees that can be stood on and can collide with spires. The leaves of the trees can be destroyed with launchers and bombs. The tower platform is a bit complicated compared to other maps. There is a pillar going down until the void, a platform wider than the pillar on the top, and another platform under that stuck to the pillar acting as a horizontally thin side bridge. 4 corner platforms that go until & down the void connect the 4 tower platforms with bridges tilted downwards to the corner platforms. The void is relatively close to the platforms than other maps making wall saves a bit harder. The sub-platforms under the tower platforms are lower than the corner platforms and are connected with a bridge tilted downwards to the sub-platforms. These bridges are located to the more.. outside part of the map than the bridges that connect the tower platforms and the corner platforms. The corner platforms are similar to the tower platforms but they do not have sub-platforms and have a center part, and 2 tilted sides that go downwards.


Old Music New Music


  • On 10/23/20, new music was announced.
  • There is an Infection-only map called the Dark Jungle that uses the same assets as this map.
  • The "YELLOWFROGS" code can appear on the back of one of the pillars the towers are on.
  • The old version of the map used to have no paths at the side.
  • If destroyed incorrectly, towers will be stuck in the trees on this map.