Super Doomspire Wiki

General Overview

The Laser Cannon is unique because it fires 2 projectiles at once, each rocket dealing 90 damage on a direct hit and 60 on a non-direct hit. Both shots will travel forwards. The fact that it fires 2 shots doesn't make it have a better rocket jump, though the rocket jump was buffed in the Halloween update which makes it have a slightly better rocket jump. Also, it makes it easier to hit a target, because the hitbox is bigger.

When using it in Infection, the rocket jump is stronger than other rockets due to the 2 projectiles, this can be great for escaping compared to Hoss Hog as that inflicts 15 self-damage. But be aware of the longer reload time.

The twin-shot mechanic allows the Laser Cannon to be amazing at destroying doomspires or the walls in Roundcat Rally. The rockets also travel faster, making it slightly harder to reflect.

To compensate both the twin-shot mechanic and faster rockets, it has some harsh downsides. It takes longer to reload; which both rockets can easily compensate the slower time. It also has a heavy nerf to its explosions, having less splash radius; where it will not usually reach other parts that it could explode if it were a regular launcher. Along with its hard damage cap at 90 per rocket, it has a smaller damage radius; which means that it will not cover enough area, forcing the user to actively pin down targets to actually kill with the launcher.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • Shoots 2 rockets at once
  • +25% projectile speed
  • More rocket jump (as of the Halloween update)


  • +15% reload time
  • -20% splash radius
  • -15% splash damage


  • This weapon was buffed on the Halloween update, giving it a higher rocket jump.
  • This used to be in the legendary rarity.

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