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Launchers are one of the five tools that a player will always have on them, most varying in power and ability, yet all unique in style. Launchers are intended and often used for knocking down towers, destroying buildings. They, as their name implies, launch an explosive rocket which can also cause devastating damage to little clusters of unaware players, catch others off guard and can potentially counter players with weapons that swing slower and, if somebody wishes to do so- can also be used for rocket jumping.

All Launchers can be used for rocket jumping with varying results: the distance of the center of the explosion and your character doesn’t affect anything. Its the angle that matters. The direction you rocket jump depends on the angle of the center of the explosion & your character. That said, rockets have a smaller blast radius than bombs (except bombardier) and you can.. shoot them.. meaning they are more suited in combat than base breaking.

Be mindful that rockets can be reflected by Swords, making them swap to the reflector’s team while increasing it’s damage, speed and explosion radius. This can be dangerous when using launchers for combat-orientated situations but can be reflected again multiple times. Shooting a rocket from upwards or backwards from the enemy or using a rocket launcher with faster rocket speed can lower the chance of random reflects happening.

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