Super Doomspire Wiki

The Lava map is a map that appears in Classic and Two Teams mode.

General Overview

The map has a lava floor instead of being a void, the main area of the map consists of the four spires being surrounded with several rock platforms, these platforms will allow players to stand on but will not collide with a falling spire. Periodically, rock platforms will rise from the middle. Allowing both player and spire contact with these platforms, these platforms will stay for a few minutes before lowering back into the lava.


In this map, the void is replaced with lava, and any player contact will deal 40 damage, a few seconds of burn and will launch the player into the air, allowing said player an attempt to try to escape from landing in the lava again. If a player's torso makes contact with the lava (by any means like being rag-dolled, Roblox physics) the lava will deal 200 damage, instantly KO’ing the player. Any spawns, spires or projectiles that make contact with the lava will be destroyed.


  • This map turns out to be very easy for people with the Sticky Bomb. Because of the way that the Doomspire is on the lava, you can destroy the very base of the Doomspire with the Sticky Bomb, and watch as the whole Doomspire despawns as it falls into the lava.
  • Try tipping the spire backwards if the pillars are about to rise, or are already up. These platforms able to save the spire that’s falling forwards, wasting more time as you’ll either need to manually knock off the spawns or wait until the platforms lower back.
  • Trowels can be placed on lava without getting destroyed. Unanchored trowels aren't included. This makes the trowels like bridge, truss, default quite useful in this map.
  • The pillars rise at 4:30 on the timer, and fall at 2:30.
  • Try to use advanced jump mechanics to save yourself from the lava which can at time 2HKO you
  • Using the Homerunner to recover from a fall is a good move. You may also knock other players into the lava using the increased knockback or the Home Run.


Old Music New Music


Date Changes
15/07/2020 Lava now send you flying up with the burning effect instead of destroying character parts

Fixed a bug where Lava didn't award KO's properly

Rising Lava arcs appear in the background


  • The Lava doesn't remove your arms or head if you get KO’d in the lava.
  • When a bomb touches the lava, it's figure will disappear, but after a certain amount of time, it will explode. (except Remote Detonator)
    • Sometimes, a glitch will occur and you will not take damage if you touch the lava. (fixed in update in 2020.10)
    • If the torso touches the lava, it automatically counts as a KO.