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The Lava Ball is a Very Rare ball that costs 1500 Crowns in the Shop.


The Lava Ball looks like a ball made of magma with some rocks on its surface. When hit by it, it will deal 30 damage along with burn damage. If it was charged, then the burn time will be 7 seconds. If not, then it will be only 4 seconds. The burn buff comes at a price, however. The reload time and throw speed has been nerfed, along with its ability to stagger being taken away. It is meant to do fast, steady damage.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • Causes burning


  • -25% throw speed
  • +40% reload time
  • Cannot stagger enemies


A player holding the lava ball.

The Lava Ball has only 2 other reskins.

  • Jack-O-Lantern - Obtainable in the shop during the fall season for 3,600 crowns. (Only obtainable during September and October)
  • Cool Sun Obtainable in the shop during the summer season for 2,000 crowns. (Only obtainable during June, July, and August)