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The Lunar Dragon is a Legendary reskin of the Shadow Dragon and cost 6,500 crowns in the shop. It is based on the yearly Lunar New Year tradition. This launcher is a reskin of the Shadow Dragon. It was added on the 1/24/2020 update.

General Info

The Lunar Dragon serves as a general-purpose launcher. It is great in combat due to the fire and splash, while it is great in destroying doomspires due to extra splash radius. However, this could be set back by the fact that the slower reload speed can harshly punish players if they miss.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • Can burn players.
  • 50% more splash damage
  • 25% more splash radius


  • 30% slower reload speed.


  • The Lunar Dragon's design is based on Chinese dragons, and the costumes used in festivals like the Lunar New Year festival.
  • It costs almost twice the amount of Shadow Dragon.
  • Even if this is based on the Lunar New Year, it is not a weapon that is event-exclusive.
  • This rocket is one of the firework, the other being the Firework Launcher