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Each mode in Super Doomspire needs a map in order to visit it.

All discontinued Party Modes had a set map that cannot be changed such as the Titans and Blow Stuff Up (both of which are not listed here). Doomspire modes have 6 maps that visitors can vote for every round (some appear and some don't), as well as Infection, Roundcat Rally, and Deathmatch only having 4 maps each.

All maps will be listed below.

List of all the Maps


Date Changelog
08/20/2021 Added Islands, Rooftop, Cascade Sanctum, Alley Twins Maps
25/12/2020 Added Relativity, Spicy Stadium, Coastal Coliseum Maps
21/10/2020 Added Crimson Courtyard Map
15/7/2020 Added Double Deck, Conveyor Maps
21/2/2020 Added Xiajing Map
31/1/2020 Added Rainbow Map
21/1/2020 Added RoyaleGreen Map
10/1/2020 Added Ocean, Dark Jungle, Storm Hill, Possum City Maps
21/12/2019 Added Snowfall Map
15/12/2019 Added Lab Map

Added Map Voting System

5/12/2019 Added Tennis Map
22/10/2019 Added Ruins and Galaxy Maps

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