Super Doomspire Wiki

In Super Doomspire, there are 8 modes in total. (However only 5 are currently able to be selected; these are: Classic (Gamemode), Two Teams, Infection, Deathmatch, and Roundcat Rally) Modes determine the mechanics of the experience and objectives. There are 2 categories of modes, Doomspire (2 Playable modes, 5 total modes) and Party Modes (2 playable modes, 3 total modes). Doomspire is a modern replica of the original Doomspire whereas the Party Modes are a bit all over the place. There also exist retired modes, modes that only appear in early versions of the experience. Modes with crossed-out names below are retired and are not able to be selected.

Types of Modes

Normal Server
Two Teams.png
Normal Server
Normal Server
Spawn Capture.png
Private Server
Exclusive Server
Normal Server
Roundcat Rally.png
Normal Server
Blow Stuff Up.png
Private Server


Date Changelog
25/12/2020 Added Deathmatch
15/2/2020 Blow Stuff Up, Spawn Capture are only available in Private Servers (Not avaiable)
21/1/2020 Added Titans (Removed early)
18/1/2020 Rocket Rally is replaced with Roundcat Rally
10/1/2020 Added Infection
15/12/2019 Added Blow Stuff Up, Spawn Capture
5/12/2020 Added Rocket Rally