Super Doomspire Wiki

The Novaball is a Legendary Superball reskin of the default superball that is unlocked by completing the advanced task "Abyss Expert", which requires the player to earn 1,000 KOs knocking players into the void/lava.


It deals 30 damage per hit and it also staggers the player, making it fantastic for follow-ups with other weapons or cratering somebody into the abyss, making it a better as a tool to stop a player in their tracks rather than a weapon.


  • Although it doesn't look completely gold, it is still considered part of the Golden Set due to its obtainment method.
  • The ball has a strange property where the golden center is always visible alongside its colored outer ring, no matter the angle from which it is viewed, this is probably due to the transparency of the outer ring's texture, which make the inside part always viewable.
  • This weapon could come in handy when ragdolling players.
  • This ball looks like planet, with an orange-yellow core, referring to magma, and rings outside. Thought many people think it looks like an egg, but it's supposed to look like a planet, because of the word "nova" ball.
  • It's currently the hardest item to achieve from Quests.