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The Paintball Gun is a common ball that costs 1,800 crowns.


The Paintball Gun is a unique ball. Instead of throwing one, big high-damaging ball, this fires small, low damaging projectiles in a rapid succession. The paintballs (projectiles) deal 14 damage but can be reflected by using the sword, however, the reflected paintballs will likely not hit your opponent because of the spread that is applied to the paintballs after getting reflected. The paintballs will not deal knockback, stagger enemies, or break doomspire windows.

The Paintball Gun can shoot very far which make that a very good weapon to kill players who are trying to escape or to chip player's health, especially in Infection when you are infected. Many players will find paintball gun irritating, as the bullets travel very fast, but they can still reflect the projectiles.

Similar to slingshot as a survivor in infection can still weaken the infected but you need be careful with the reflected projectiles.

Buffs & Nerfs (Compared to the Slingshot)


  • Faster Fire Rate.
  • Faster Projectiles.
  • More Accurate Projectiles.
  • More range.


  • Deals less Damage.
  • Can be reflected.
  • Cannot break glass.


  • Paintballs have a small chance to paint small parts like trowels (Including players) of your team color.
  • The Paintball Gun was featured in some Brickbattle games, where it may have dealt some damage. Although it doesn’t have a catalog counterpart, ROBLOX has released it on the Roblox Library, where it can be used as an in-game asset.
  • It's the only Superball that can be reflected.
  • There was a glitch where the model is invisible for a short period of time, this might be due to the transparency value being set to 1.
  • There is a reskin of this item, which is the Ultra Soaker.