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This article is about playstyles, you might be looking for sets.

Disclaimers: Do not take this page too seriously. These are more patterns that pop up frequently. Experience is the average experience of a player using a certain playstyle. You could be extremely experienced, yet still use a Regular playstyle. Experience doesn't determine your exact playstyle, just a warning to show you how experienced your opponents may be if they use one of these playstyles. The Tools preferred tab is also only to inform the reader about what Tools may be used by a player using that playstyle. Just because you use the Homerunner or the Rock Star does not mean that you are necessarily a Troll or Defender. Also, the mobile attacker playstyle refers to mobility, not the device. This is only for informational purposes.

Types of Playstyles

Below, there is a list of different playstyles, each offering a different challenge or twist to the game. Because different people will have a variety of playstyles, each server will be different from the rest, making each game unique in its own way.


(Newbie) No Experience - Very new to the game, has just joined. Also called noobs.

(Beginner) Little Experience - Has a little experience in the game, and has a few basics down

(Intermediate) Fairly Experienced - Starting to get the hang of the game, has all the basics down

(Expert) Mildly Experienced - Mastered all the tricks, and has started using tricks of their own. Somewhat powerful during the game.

(Pro) Very Experienced - Mastered all tricks and creating their own to use. Very powerful in game, and can sway the game to their liking.

(Veteran) Super Experienced - Has played the game for months or even years. They must have made at least 1 comeback in their whole time playing. They mastered all tricks and even their own. They most likely played in the alpha times

(Master) Extremely Experienced - A master at the game, able to survive clutch after clutch. Must have made at least 3 comebacks, where a base had to be destroyed by themselves.

Below, there will be different categories for the playstyle, which may be created because of experience, motives, or roles in the game.

(The idea to describing the Experience if you agree)

Standard Playstyles

These are your run-of-the-mill average players. They are found in almost every game. Their roles are very widespread, and can create a change in the game. Overall, these are the playstyles that you will see newbies use commonly in the game. These players are just here to have fun, don't forget to say hi!


Tools Preferred: Sword, Rocket Launcher, Bomb, Trowel, Superball, Paintball Gun, Scope Shot, Fire Sword, Ice Sword, Sticky Bomb, Tennis Racket

Experience: Little to No Experience

The Regular playstyle is your everyday playstyle for most players, they'll most likely go for any towers and destroy them and KO'ing any opponents that go in their way of destroying towers. Some Regulars might stand on their top spawn or any open window and fire rockets at any opposing towers which can get a little annoying if not dealt with sooner.

Fun Fact: They tend to use either the :smile: sticker or the :really: sticker depending on their emotions.


Tools Preferred: Scope Shot, Laser Cannon, Greatsword, Sword, Ball Turret, Truss Trowel, Homerunner, Brickbreaker, Frying Pan, Rock Star, Cage Trowel and Ice sword and Arm cannon

Experience: Little to Very Experienced

The Defender playstyle are helpers of the team, though not a very common thing to see in-game. The Defender will usually be seen, as their name says, defending their own tower(s). They won't stop defending their territory until either: their tower has been destroyed or all the other opposing towers have been destroyed. If their tower does get destroyed, they will try to destroy other towers until they die. Defenders will fire rockets at opposing towers to help break down the tower for allies to make it easier for them if no enemies are attempting to destroy their tower.

Fun Fact: They will usually switch to the Speedrunner playstyle if they are overwhelmed with opponents at their spire and fail to kill them.


Tools Preferred: Greatsword, Sword, Shadow Shuriken, Shadow Clone, Shadow Dragon, Coconut, Laser Cannon, Darkheart

Experience: Fairly Experienced

The Attacker indirectly helps the Defender and the Speedrunner by trying to prevent opposing players from being able to carry out their own playstyles. They will often be using the Shadow Shuriken along with any Lunge sword, as this allows them to kill an opponent almost immediately. The Attacker may also try to protect the Speedrunner or a Regular by focusing on stopping an opposing Defender. This playstyle is generally very risky, as it involves being constantly around and on the enemy.

Fun Fact: Despite the name, these players usually aren't hostile, and are pretty friendly toward the players in the server.

Mobile Attacker

Tools preferred: Darkheart,Shadow Blade,Bloomerang,Crystal Blaster,Shadow Clone, Shadow Shuriken

Experience: Mildly Experienced

Mobile attackers are a more advanced and better version of the normal attacker. They engage their enemy close range and use speed, mobility and agility to their advantage. They are usually seen wielding a sword and have a unique attack style. Instead of just swinging their sword, they jump and swing over their enemy’s heads and lunge them when they can-thus avoiding most of the damage dealt by their opponent. They usually target one person at a time and try to kill their target as quickly as possible. They are very deadly in game and if you see one you should try to take them out from a range.


Tools: Hoss Hog, Arm Cannon, Crystal Blaster, Shadow Blade, Voxcalibur, Remote Detonator, Bloomerang, Trampoline Trowel, Shadow Clone

Experience: Little Experience to Super Experienced

The pacifist will rarely attack the people around them, they will almost always run from the enemy because of their option of peace, if they do attack they are extremely strong since they don't forgive anyone once they provoke the pacifist, they are also semi-builder so they can build to run, or protect themselves. It's best not to hurt the pacifist as they have mobility Tools that make them extremely fast (To the point that they can hunt down stallers) but like they are, don't choose to do so.

Fun Fact: If a pacifist's team can't win, they will stay as far away as they can from the other team to at least make a tie.


These players may be ignored from time to time, but they can sway the game in your favor from time to time. Although the things they do are small, they can really make a change if given enough time and help. Supporters are here to help you as best as they can, and will help you accomplish all kinds of tasks, from building to killing. Honestly, you should feel pretty safe if you have one in your base somewhere. They'll make sure to keep those infiltrators in check!


Tools Preferred: Greatsword, Bomb, Sword, Voxcalibur, Paintball Gun, Laser Cannon, Hoss Hog, Shadow Clone, Truss Trowel, Ball Turret, Trowel

Experience: Little Experience to Fairly Experienced

The Supporter are loved by the Defender and the Speedrunner. As the name suggests, will mainly focus on helping either the Speedrunner or the Defender with their role. This playstyle is usually the one seen played by mid-high level players, as they constantly switch between destroying opposing towers and defending their own. They usually use the Gem Bomb and/or the Golden Greatsword. One thing to note is that the Supporter will often be the last one alive if their team loses all of their spawns, due to their constant movement around the map.

Fun Fact: They sometimes interact with teammates with stickers (Most likely if they're with Speedrunners or Defenders).

Rocketeer (Pseudo-Supporter)

Tools Preferred: Scope Shot, Laser Cannon, Sword, Superball, Coconut, Rocket Launcher

Experience: Little to No Experience

This type of playstyle is commonly seen among newer players, especially those who have never played a fighting game before. They will usually stay at their own tower, and shoot rockets at their opponent's doomspires. They usually have slight melee combat experience, and possibly minor superball experience. They are usually not a huge threat and a little oblivious to their surroundings, though they could become annoying due to usually one-shotting players with their rockets, but they can easily be dealt with by deflecting their rockets back at them. They tend to usually die out almost instantly with the tower once their towers go down.

Fun Fact: They rarely use any stickers, not even the stock ones they already have. This is because they are usually relatively new at the game.

Builder (Pseudo-Supporter)

Tools Preferred: Scope Shot, Spike Trowel, Trowel, Sword, Bridge Trowel, Cage Trowel, Spike Trowel, Truss Trowel, Superball, Laser Cannon, Brickbreaker

Experience: Little to No Experience

These players really mean no harm. Their just here to repair some things and fix 'em up! These are the fixers of the team. Although they may lack in combat ability, they will usually help the team by repairing or re-enforcing the base. They'll always be here to support others if they are fighting. They are also the players who will try and kill off most infiltrators in their base, however, many end up dying over and over again, as they have little to no experience, some spam walls around the base. These players will patch up the bridges when they have time, and will try to make the base a little... less destroyed.

Fun Fact: Builders will usually use the Spike Trowel or Ball Turret during Infection, and will block off entrances as best they can.

Game Changers

These players have the potential and opportunities to make sure that their team will always win, even if all their spawns are knocked off. They are truly a force to be reckoned with. They are known to make quick deal with teams or make stunning comebacks with their skills. If you find one in your server, you better hope you're on their team!


Tools Preferred: Sword, Crystal Blaster, Laser Cannon, Shadow Blade, Bloomerang, Remote Detonator, Sticky Bomb, Voxcalibur, Trowel, Shadow Clone.

Experience: Fairly Experienced

The Speedrunner playstyle is a well known playstyle and usually disrespected by most players, as they don't fight. Like the regular playstyle, they will go for any towers but tries to avoid any combat (unless they have to) and quickly destroy opposing towers. They can destroy towers a little faster than the regular playstyle and they don't usually mind if opponents are destroying their tower even if there is a handful of opponents in there, they will only go for towers only and nothing else.

Fun Fact: They dislike Defenders and will switch to a different spire if dealt with long enough.


Tools Preferred: Shadow Blade, Laser Cannon, Gem Bomb, Square Bomb, Bloomerang, Hat-a-Rang, Shadow Clone

Experience: Extremely Experienced

The Swapper. An obnoxiously rare playstyle that is rarely ever done, if a player is experienced enough to do it, they'll probably choose to stick to other insane playstyles such as the Tracker. Swappers swap between 4 items, their sword, their rocket launcher, their bomb, and their superball. They practically throw everything they have and bounce around to distract the enemies and maybe eliminate them as well, Swappers lunge around and bomb jump too in order to buy more time. This playstyle is ONLY done against other really experienced players, that is because using said strategy is quite exhausting to many people. In most cases, an extremely experienced player uses it when they are facing a whole team alone during a Sudden Death. Sometimes even when facing exploiters, as this strategy is, for the lack of a better word, REALLY hard to defend against. Its a double edged sword as if one has to use it for too long, they might get too exhausted and a player could just kill them easily. But that shouldn't happen considering how deadly this strategy is.

Fun Fact: Because this playstyle is so hard to do, it might be even rarer than Trackers or Team-Blockers.

Floater (old version)

Tools Preferred: Voxcalibur, Bloomerang, Remote Detonator, Sticky Bomb, Bombardier, Hoss Hog, Shadow Clone, Crystal Blaster, Shadow Blade

Experience: Very Experienced to Extremely Experienced

The Floater (AKA The Defender's worst enemy) playstyle and is a rare version of the Speedrunner and yet the most annoying and disliked playstyle by other players. This playstyle is usually considered shameful by other players and received plentiful hate. They can be crazy fast and they are most likely will be using the Voxcalibur to keep in the air and the Bombardier (usually Starblaster) as it has a firing arc which they can take advantage of while in midair. They also will have the Bloomerang/Hat-a-Rang, for extra mobility and to stay in the air. This will annoy Defenders and causes them to switch to destroying opposing towers

Fun Fact: Some floaters are known to be toxic because of their use of certain stickers at the end of the round if they've won (Note: This does NOT apply to all floaters!)

Floater (Recent W.I.P)

Tools Preferred: Voxcalibur, Bloomerang, Bombardier, Hoss Hog, Trampoline Trowel, Remote Detonator, Crystal Blaster


Tools Preferred: Shadow Blade, Sword, Coconut, Shadow Clone, Laser Cannon, Hoss Hog, Bloomerang, Crystal Blaster, Sticky Bomb, Remote Detonator, Trampoline Trowel, Voxcalibur

Experience: Fairly Experienced to Extremely Experienced

These players are particularly good at stalling. They are usually fairly experienced players, with a good loadout. Once they have no spawns left, they can easily stall for the rest of the game. However, they will usually do nothing and only try to escape, thus usually rendering a tie. They are also usually frowned upon by other players by "wasting their time" and are usually called wimps or hackers by most people. Unless if you have a highly experienced player on your team, they'll be wiped out in at least a minute or so, if not, barrage them with your superballs.

Fun Fact: The Staller might be the Floater that was in your spire not long ago...


Tools Preferred: Shadow Blade, Sword, Coconut, Shadow Clone, Laser Cannon, Hoss Hog, Crystal Blaster, Sticky Bomb, Remote Detonator, Homerunner, Darkheart, Voxcalibur, Rock Star, Superball, Bloomerang, Bombardier, Shadow Shuriken, Greatsword, Boomerang

Experience: Extremely Experienced

A very similar playstyle to the Supporter, yet rather different, unique and advanced. They are known not for stalling, but for making stunning comebacks. They are common to start a difficult chase across the map all while the Survivalist shoots at the remaining bricks that will/would knock the tower looks and starting a Sudden Death. However, there is a way to defeat them before they start a sudden death. Use Tools that will usually one-hit KO a player, or Tools that are very difficult to predict, such as the Homerunner, Ball Turret, or the Bombardier. They are overall the most deadly, yet they have a great weakness when they are alone, as they sometimes do not bring crowd-control Tools for agility. They do however have experience in combat so beware.

Fun Fact: Former opponents will constantly target and swing their swords at the Survivalist if they lose against them, especially in the lobby.


These playstyles only exists because it's counterparts do. It's hardly ever a one-way battle with these playstyles. They only exist to eradicate the other and cause as much damage as possible. They may not look dangerous at first, but you should never judge a book by its cover.


Tools Preferred: Sword, Sticky Bomb, Rocket Launcher, Scope Shot, Shadow Dragon, Darkheart, Superball, Ball Turret, Cage Trowel, Trowel

Experience: Little Experience to Fairly Experienced.

These players don't fight alone, and instead have their allies to back them up and most likely found in Two Teams gamemode. They make sure their team is ready to fight along with them. These group of players can become extremely annoying over time, due to their tendency to fight in groups. They have an advantage over quantity of players, and can easily overwhelm a single player and kill them in a matter of seconds. These players can be nearly unstoppable in groups, but can be eliminated by using crowd-control items such as the Rock Star or Brickbreaker/Frying Pan, or by picking them off one by one (Superball would be useful!), starting with the least dangerous.

Fun Fact: Swarmers may be in a party of 3-5 or even more!


Tools Preferred: Greatsword, Shadow Dragon, Coconut, Bloomerang, Darkheart, Ball Turret, Crystal Blaster, Hoss Hog, Shadow Bomb, Homerunner, Rock Star

Experience: Fairly Experienced to Extremely Experienced

Here come the crowd-controllers, the players who are determined to keep crowds of Swarmers at bay! These players are the polar opposite of the Swarmers, and will likely face a group of players head on, dealing quick damage to and picking off players one by one, or dealing heavy splash damage in a very large radius. They will usually use Tools like the Greatsword, Homerunner, Rock Star to knock away and deal heavy damage to many players at once. Crystal Blaster and Shadow Dragon are used as an ambush from above, dealing heavy damage and able to knock opponents close to the blast far away. They form great synergy with Defenders or Attackers.

Fun Fact: Crowd-Controllers usually take the top spot in KO's due to how many Swarmers they kill on average.


Tools Preferred: Homerunner, Superball, Coconut, Ball Turret, Rock Star, Truss Trowel, Tennis Racket, Frying Pan, Trowel

Experience: Mildly Experienced

This playstyle is heavily frowned upon by many players. These players usually use stunning or annoying Tools to cause some chaos among the players. Common Tools used for this playstyle include Homerunner, Coconut, Rock Star, and Truss Trowel. Although the Truss Trowel is not used for combat purposes, it is usually spammed underneath a tower, making it more difficult to knock it over or to navigate the bottom floor. If you think you're safe from trolling when the Troll is on your side, you're wrong. The Troll will get in your way by placing trowels in front of you blocking your rockets, blasting away your planted bombs preventing you from destroying spires or bomb jumping, or by placing trowels around you. Most of the trolls are annoying, but sometimes they might be helpful. They can knock people out of your spire by using homerunner or rock star.

Fun Fact: Try to stay out of their way. They'll usually lock onto someone, though against a group of Swarmers, they can either be easily defeated or kill all of them in one fell swoop.


Tools Preferred: Tennis Racket, Coconut, Shadow Blade, Classic Sword, Shadow Shuriken, Truss Trowel, Remote Detonator, Square Bomb, Frying Pan, Rock Star, Sword, Spike Trowel, Trowel, Shadow Clone, Shadow Bomb, Crystal Blaster, Hoss Hog

Experience: Very Experienced to Extremely Experienced

Is it a Troll, Speedrunner, Floater, or a Survivalist on the loose? Make sure you have a tracker on your side! Trackers are known for their witty ambushes, and won't hesitate to target a single player. They are often extremely experienced, and will make sure to keep the advanced players in check. They will crack down on any toxic player, and make sure the server stays a civil environment. You could say that they are the guardians of the team, the ones that try to take care of their team at all costs!

Fun Fact: This might be the rarest playstyle in the game, due to the many things that have to happen for this playstyle to emerge. This type of playstyle requires a lot of practice and luck.

Strategy for trackers: They mostly don't hunt down a player first but rather break all breakable blocks on map (asteroids in galaxy, the trees in jungle,), and rarely place trampolines to run to their target

Prevention strategy: The trackers are very impatient at times and try to directly beat their target, if you are getting targeted, try to run as long as you can so that you wear out the tracker.

Knocker (Pseudo-Troll)

Tools Preferred: Homerunner, Scope Shot, Bombardier, Tennis Racket, Brickbreaker, Coconut, Superball, Rock Star, Greatsword, Frying Pan, Ball Turret,

Experience: Little Experienced to Super experienced

The Knocker can get a little annoying, but once you think about it, it's actually a good strategy. They're known for getting the job done as fast as possible and get rid of any opponents they find. The Knocker will only use certain Tools that can knock people to the ground, some are mostly seen using: Rock Star, Brickbreaker/Frying Pan, or Coconut . They're often seen, as the name says, knocking opponents off into the abyss or knocking them into the ground and finishing them off with a rocket. Some high experienced Knockers are creative with their Tools and capable of taking down a Floater that is trying to take down your Spire, while some little experienced Knockers may only use either a coconut or just a regular old Superball and somehow knock them into the void with very good aim. It is wise to never underestimate a Knocker, especially a low experienced one.

Fun Fact: The Knocker might be trying to accomplish the "Abyss Expert" task.


Tools Preferred: Tennis Racket, Shadow Blade, Voxcalibur, Fire Sword, Paintball Gun, Crystal Blaster

Experience: No Experience to Little Experience

Spammers are players who repeatedly use their sword, and almost ALWAYS use their sword. The way these players fight is to find a player on another team, and running toward the target while spamming sword. Spammers have no skill at all, just finding a player and charging them until they KO that player or they get KO'd. Spammers are extremely annoying to fight in small spaces, as almost any rocket you shoot at them will be reflected. They can also beat you with their sword, as the spammer will spam their sword. Spammers are utterly the stupidest playstyle, it takes no work or skill.

Fun Fact: Spammers are usually toxic and think that spamming is the right way of playing.


Tools Preferred: Shadow Blade, Greatsword, Shadow Dragon, Shadow Bomb, Shadow Shuriken, Ball Turret, Remote Detonator.

Experience: Mildly Experienced to Very Experienced

Team Blockers usually go for the Kill MVP, they will target a specific team and will kill everyone that spawns there as fast as possible. Some Team Blockers do not kill afk people in order to save time and buy time for their team, they first kill the players at top and sometimes knock them off the edge to the void. They do well in the Two Teams gamemode as there are more people spawning. If (during Classic gamemodes) a tower does not spawn enough people they will go to other ones. They rarely try to destroy towers and act similar to Survivalists if no towers spawn enough people for them to kill. Under these conditions they will try start a Sudden Death forcing people to get in combat. These players are very rare but are more visible in Two Teams gamemodes. When killed they either lunge or use a bomb to quickly launch themselves back onto the tower they target. Deal with these players by destroying all their spawns and killing them from behind. When fighting tryhards they will try take down their towers and quickly kill them afterwards.

Fun Fact: Team-Blockers may become Speedrunners if towers do not spawn enough people for them to kill.

Infection Playstyles (Survivor)

These playstyles will only emerge during the Infection gamemode. Many of these playstyles stem from the already existing playstyles in the Two Teams and Classic gamemodes. As players fall and zombies rise, players may need to take over new playstyles to stay alive...


Tools Preferred: Ball Turret, Truss Trowel, Trowel, Shadow Blade, Frying Pan, Scope Shot, Hoss Hog, Arm Cannon, Remote Detonator, Superball, Coconut, Darkheart, Fire Sword, Greatsword

Experience: Little Experience to Super Experienced

These are the Attackers of the gamemode (Survivor side), and will usually leap out of their spire as soon as they can. They will often fight the zombies head on, and will usually have allies to flank them. They will often use the Frying Pan, Ball Turret, Superball, and Coconut to OHKO zombies or to deal over half of their health. When in swarms, they can pose a huge threat to zombies, and possibly stop all progress if they work together well. However, they may make a few rash decisions from time to time, such as going just a little closer to the zombie's base...

Fun Fact: These players are usually the ones that gain the most zombie kills, and will often gain over 20 kills per Infection round, due to the zombie's health being only 30.

Rusher (Pseudo-Hunter)

Tools Preferred: Ball Turret, Truss Trowel, Trowel, Shadow Blade, Frying Pan, Scope Shot, Hoss Hog, Arm Cannon, Remote Detonator, Superball, Coconut, Darkheart, Fire Sword, Greatsword

Experience: Little Experience to Fairly Experienced

When the Hunters become a little too arrogant and reckless, they may become a Rusher, and stay extremely close to the Green Team's base. They will usually kill a zombie immediately once their forcefield wears off. However, they will usually be killed quickly, due to the zombies able to damage them while being unable to take damage themselves (with forcefield). These players will usually die off in large groups, and the zombies will gain an astounding increase in numbers. It is very rare for Rushers to escape after they have < 30 health left.

Fun Fact: These players are usually new to the game, and don't quite understand that "forcefield killing" may be the cause of their impending death.


Tools Preferred: Sword, Superball, Ball Turret, Bridge Trowel, Trowel, Truss Trowel, Spike Trowel, Cage Trowel, Fire Sword, Brickbreaker

Experience: Little Experience to Fairly Experienced

These are the Builders from the Two Team and Classic gamemodes. They will usually first break down windows, kill zombies and nowadays there are brick crates which they break to gain bricks, then try to block off as many entrances as possible with trowels. Although their role might seem rather small, they can make a huge difference by buying the Survivors a little more time before the zombies are able to infiltrate and attack. However, these players may lead to the death of others, making other fellow Survivors unable to get to safety

Fun Fact: Although they may lack in offensive skills, they are rather good at fleeing to others for help.


Tools Preferred: Frying Pan, Ball Turret, Spike Trowel, Greatsword, Brickbreaker, Fire Sword, Shadow Blade, Superball, Snowball, Sword, Homerunner

Experience: Little to Very Experienced

This Playstyle is a offensive version of a Blocker and a Blocker's best friend, they will mostly stay inside the Survivor Tower and hide in there for the rest of the round. They're most likely found at the top floor of the tower. These guys are capable of defending themselves, the first thing you would see right when spawning ingame is the Survivor placing down Ball Turret or Spike Trowel (Mostly Spike Trowels since the Ball Turret nerf). After they're done placing down their defenses, they wait for any Infected to come up. If the Infected do come up, they'll most likely die from a Ball turret or Spike trowels, if the Infected are smart enough to avoid any of those the Survivor will try to take it down by using their Frying Pan. Because of their tactic, they're most likely to be the last one alive due to hiding in their tower. They're usually noted as protectors of the Blockers since they're most likely with Blockers being on the top floor.

Fun Fact: The Survivor is usually a very careful player and won't pick fights they can't win.

Staller/Floater (Infection)

Tools Preferred: Bloomerang, Trowel, Voxcalibur, Shadow Blade, Sword, Laser Cannon, Crystal Blaster, Bombardier, Remote Detonator, Trampoline Trowel, Truss Trowel, Shadow Clone

Experience: Very Experienced - Super Experienced

These players won't try to pick a fight with the Infected once the tides begin to turn. In the beginning of the round, they'll kill Infected and open up Brick Crates to gather as much bricks as possible. Then, when Infected numbers begin to grow (Usually when they're the only one left), they'll stall to the end of the round, using tools like Trampoline Trowel, Bloomerang, Voxcalibur, and Crystal Blaster's mid air rocket jump to stay in the air. In addition, they can use Laser Cannon's glitch of it's rocket jump height not being decreased at all to bounce right back up after jumping on a Trampoline. Shadow Clone can also be used to bait Infected into jumping off while the Staller teleports back into the Spire. Trowel and Truss Trowel is also used to place Trowels below the Stallers feet, which usually confuses the Infected.

Fun Fact: These players, just like their Normal Mode counterparts, are usually hated in the server after the round.

Infection Playstyles (Infected)


Tools Preferred: Homerunner, Frying Pan, Superball, Coconut, Shadow Shuriken

Experience: Fairly experienced

This playstyle is usually used for those that start out as the Infected. They will use ragdolling tools to their advantage, and attempt to knock as many people off the map, thus sparing themselves from having to fully damage them to death. This playstyle is usually very effective. The Homerunner is very commonly used for knocking players off the map, and sometimes for reflecting rockets. The Home Run, when connected with a rocket, can do massive damage to a large group of people when done correctly, and can also be used to create insane damage to the base. This allows grater mobility and ambushes for zombies, while restricting movement to Survivors.

Fun Fact: The Stunners favorite map is Dark Jungle because they can knock people right off the map, by other side they hate Possum City and Crimson Countyard because there's few or no void on the map.


Tools Preferred: Greatsword, Coconut, Superball, Fire Sword, Snowball, Ice Sword, Homerunner, Frying Pan, Shadow Shuriken, Bow

Experience: Fairly experienced to Super experienced

These player are aware of there low health and try to do as much damage as possible before dying, they also stun/slow survivors so that they can’t run away and able to do damage before the effect wears off. They use the Greatsword so that they do a lot of damage or burn them so they get hurt later as well. Some more skilled Bruisers run the Great Sword and Shadow Shuriken together to easily kill Survivors. A charged Shadow Shuriken and a Great Spin kills.

Fun Fact: They tend to avoid Greatsword and Frying Pan users until they have enough HP to take them on properly.

Roundcat Rally Playstyles


Tools Preferred: Tennis Racket, Homerunner, Shadow Blade

Experience: Little experience to Super experienced

This playstyle is for people that reflect rockets, but not shooting rockets. They sometimes build up in the beginning of the round and use Tools that are easy to reflect. They move around the map a lot and when they see any projectile, they reflect it. They also are very careful of their roundcats and usually go in front of them to protect it.

Fun Fact: The reflector hates the Scope Shot because it is the hardest and fastest rocket to reflect.


Tools Preferred: Scope Shot, Shadow Dragon, Hoss Hog

Experience: No experience to Very experienced

This playstyle almost never switches to sword. They are mostly like rocketeers, but always try to win and use the best Tools. They are not aware of their surroundings and doesn't care if someone tries to shoot their rocket at them. Most of them don't use trowels when it is time to build, but they train and aim for which roundcat to do first.

Fun Fact: They always make the game go faster and can win a round in one single blow.