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Rarities tell you how rare and expensive the item is (That doesn't mean the Legendary or Unique items are more powerful than rarities below.). Rarity is what determines how often a tool or sticker appear in the shop. This applies to Stickers and weapons and usually rated by stars from Basic, Common, Very Rare, Awesome, Legendary and Unique though all the unique items are not obtainable anymore in the shop.


There is currently 7 rarity levels:

Basic.png Basic items are always your free starter tools when you start to play the game, such as stock weapons. These items range to all the free tools and stickers.
Common.png Common items are very easy to get in-game. These items range to 150 to 5000 crowns on tools and 50 to 170 crowns on stickers.
Rare.png Rare items require a little bit of time to get them in-game. These items range to 200 to 4000 crowns on tools and 120 to 300 crowns on stickers.
Very Rare.png Very Rare items require more time to get them in-game. These items range to 800 to 4000 crowns on tools and 240 to 480 crowns on stickers.
Awesome.png Awesome items are difficult to get them in-game because most of items are expensive, These items range 700 to 7,500 crowns on tools and 420 to 800 crowns on stickers.
Legendary.png Legendary items are very difficult to get them in-game because require too much time to collect them and most of items are very expensive, These items range 5000 to 25,000 on tools crowns and 500 to 3000 crowns on stickers.
Unique.png Unique items are only collective for specific events and they very rarely appear on matchs, for now there's no unique stickers.


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Rocket Launcher (Firework LauncherGolden LauncherClassic Launcher) • Scope Shot (Scope Shot (Dark)Kitty Launcher) • Hoss Hog (Spooky StaffEmbezzler) • Bombardier (Starblaster) • Shadow Dragon (Lunar Dragon) • Frost Staff (Ice Cream Launcher) • Arm CannonRock StarLaser CannonCrystal BlasterEggmin Cannon 9000Eggveloper Cannon 9001Star Creaeggtor Cannon 9002
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