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The Remote Detonator is an Awesome bomb that costs 5,000 Crowns in the Shop.


The Remote Detonator is a special bomb that has the unique ability to be activated manually. It is thrown, similar to balls. However, the bombs aren't thrown as far and bounce less. Multiple bombs can be thrown and will detonate simultaneously if armed. Each bomb immediately sets off when the user presses the R button (Right-Click in shift lock). There will be a certain amount of time needed for a bomb to be activated after it's thrown, though fully charging the one before throwing will drastically decrease activation time (0.8 sec). Thrown bombs will despawn after a for a couple of minutes and upon death.


The Remote Detonator is well known for its bomb jumping capabilities. If many bombs are close to each other, their individual power stacks, allowing for a much more powerful explosion and much greater bomb jump. Bomb jumping is also notably easier because the player can charge. throw a bomb right in front of them, and then detonate it when ready to launch. This can allow for much faster bomb jumps and may come in handy during escapes.

The Remote Detonator's manual activation ability allows it to be used as a trap, making it a great choice for Infection Mode.


  • This and the Sticky Bomb are the only bombs that can be charged and thrown.
  • The back of the remote says "SUPER BOMB", which may be a reference to Polyhex’s Super Bomb Survival game.
  • If you are a certain distance away from a remote, you can have the bomb jump without the smoky effect, this is very useful for gaining mobility and doing tricks.
  • It's the most expensive bomb in the game.
  • This used to be in the "Very Rare" Rarity.
  • As of the 8/20/21 update, the reduced reload time has been removed, and the required charge time has been increased to 0.8 sec
  • Charged Remote Detonators were changed to only destroy parts and deal damage, and no longer give bomb jump to stop people from stalling. You can still bomb jump with it after waiting a few seconds or the second beep.