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The Roundcat Egg is a Unique ball that is obtained by collecting 30 eggs during the Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. event. Along with unlocking this item, the game will also award a ROBLOX head accessory with the same look. This item has no team colors.


The Roundcat Egg is a reskin of the Coconut that deals the same damage as a Superball. However, when it's charged, the Roundcat Egg will stagger an enemy longer then the standard Superball. This makes it better for doing combos on enemies or ragdolling them then using any sword in infection. However, it does not last that much longer than a normal ball, so you need to charge it to get any upside.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • 30% ragdoll time when charged.
  • 25% more knockback force.
  • 50% more construction damage.


  • 10% slower throw speed
  • 40% longer reload time.


  • When thrown at an enemy, It plays an audio file of a cat meowing.
  • At the beginning, it took 30 eggs to get the Roundcat Egg, then the creator changed it to 50 because it was too easy.
  • At the start of the event, opponents didn't always drop eggs, and destroying buildings couldn't give you eggs. This was reverted some hours after.
  • Before 20/8/2021 the Roundcat Egg used to be Legendary, but got updated to Unique.


  • This Weapon has the same idle as the Giant Rat.


This is what the eggs looked like. You had to collect 30 of these.

The roblox hat you get along with the badge.

The badge you get during the event.

[1]Texture for the Roundcat Egg

Roundcat Egg Texture.png