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The Shadow Blade is an Awesome sword that can be bought from the shop for 3,333 crowns. It is part of the Shadow Set


The Shadow Blade is a fast, combat-centered sword. It has a better reflect power and stronger lunge than the Basic Sword. However, it deals less damage on a swing or a midair swing, and has a slower special move recharge speed.

It’s special attack is Lunge, but it is different than other swords that utilize this. It is great with weapon combos because the Lunge travels further and faster that compensates its lower damage; but it recharges 50% slower (3 seconds vs 4.5 seconds) than a basic sword would.

Be careful while using lunge at areas where you may fall into the void, as the Shadow Blade's lunge travels farther than any other lunge sword. Even though the Shadow Blade's lunge boosts are useful, the range and speed can make it a bit unpredictable.

Overall, this is a good sword!

Buffs and Nerfs


  • 50% more lunge speed.
  • 50% more reflect power.


  • +50% recharge.
  • 15% less damage.
  • No strike attack.

(Note: Due to the stock sword weapon being consistently being tweaked without updating this, it actually has a 4.5 second cooldown compared to a stock sword’s 3 second cooldown.)


  • It is part of the Shadow Set.
  • Shadow Blade was made by Injanity.
  • It has a unique attack animation. Its swings are more pronounced, with the character leaning in while attacking.
  • The text roughly translates to "blade of true darkness".
    • "真" (shin) meaning true, "黒" (kuro) meaning "black" or "darkness", and "刀" (katana) having the literal meaning of "blade".


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