Super Doomspire Wiki

The Shadow Clone is an Awesome trowel that can be bought from the shop for 3,333 crowns. It is part of the Shadow Set. It was added on the 15/12/2019 update.


The Shadow Clone is an item that allows you to teleport. It allows you to get certain places across the map in an instant. Depending on the game mode however, it does have a specific point where you can't teleport since it is too far. This makes the Shadow Clone best used as quick mobility or an easy getaway option.

Teleporting is simple, and you can use it to avoid falling off the map or being caught in an explosion or rocket blast. There are also a few shortcuts for teleporting. You can teleport through thin floors, such as the bridges connecting each Doomspire or the different floors on the Doomspire. This means that you can click on the bottom of the bridge or floor, and you will automatically be on top of it. Are you going to fall down to oblivion in the middle of the map? Use the Shadow Clone to get on top of a bridge. No stairs to advance to the top floor? Use the Shadow Clone on the ceiling.

When first getting the Shadow Clone, you may need a lot of time to decide where to go and whatnot, thus, making your teleporting process slower. However, as you practice, you will be able to be quick and decisive, and pick the best possible spot to go to.

When teleporting, you will spawn a shadow decoy in the spot you were previously at. This decoy is affected by gravity, and can be pushed around. This decoy can explode if it takes enough damage, dealing 100% of the damage it took in a medium-sized explosion. By using this feature, you can teleport to a close position and use it for melee fighting. Shadow Clone only has a range of 20 studs.

After equipping the Shadow Clone, you will need to wait for 10 seconds until the teleport is ready to be used.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • Swap places with the placed clone.
  • Clone explodes when attacked, reflecting damage received.


  • Slow reload speed.
  • Receive Smoky debuff for 12 seconds.
  • Clone will not be your friend(joke).


Date Changes
12/10/2020 Shadow Clone now needs 0.4 of warmup before using (after equipping).

Shadow Clone's brick cost lowered from 15 -> 5

Shadow Clone now explodes when attacked by melee/explosions, dealing 100% of the damage it was hit with.

Shadow Clone's reload speed buffed 8 -> 5

Shadow Clone's range slightly nerfed

29/4/2020 Shadow Clone reload speed fixed
31/1/2020 Shadow Clone build limit reduced to 2 (from 3)


  • Shadow Clone was made by Injanity.
  • This tool used to have "Legendary" rarity, but was demoted to "Awesome" along with the other Tools within the Shadow Set.
  • When the shadow clone was first released, players could teleport three times in quick succession. This would then get nerfed to two later on.
    • Due to another nerf introduced, the shadow clone cooldown now causes the tool to support one teleportation instead of two. This change was made as the Shadow Clone cooldown was as stated "...Broken this whole time"
  • The sound it plays when teleporting is a Tsuzumi, a Japanese hand drum that consists of a wooden body shaped like an hourglass, taut between two drum heads via cords that increase the tension of the heads when manipulated.
  • The inventory icon doesn't show the updated version of the Shadow Clones, instead it shows the old one.
  • It behaves similar to the Shadow Clone Jutsu in the anime Naruto since both create a fake version of the user and will disappear if damaged, the only difference is that the Shadow Clone doesn't do any action other than stand up and explode when damaged.