Super Doomspire Wiki

The Shadow Shuriken is a Awesome ball that costs 3,333 Crowns. It is part of the Shadow Set.


The Shadow Shuriken is a very direct-combat-oriented tool, mostly use to deal significant damage to an enemy, or to outright KO them. This still requires good aim, as the shurikens don’t bounce as high or ricochet like a regular Superball would, and also have a smaller hitbox. It also helps players to easilty shoot another one considering the faster reload.

It can also be great for combos as you can get an opponent very low when combo'd with a lunge or KO them when combo'd with a Greatsword or Flame Cutter.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • 100% more damage when charged.
  • +15% more reload time


  • -15% speed.
  • Cannot stagger enemies.


  • The description translates to “Legendary Ninja Shuriken” in Japanese.
  • The shuriken will spin counter clockwise when thrown, this spinning will still happen when the shuriken is grounded. It will not deal damage in this state after a while of it being grounded.
  • It has a unique charging and throwing animation, instead of charging an overhead throw; you will crouch in a low stance and throw the shuriken with low sweeping throw.
  • This is tied with the Crystal Blaster and Bow for having the highest damage buff in the game.
  • You can go into some spaces like between a trowel and the roof of the Infection Doomspires if you are charging because of the animation.
  • Many people compare this to the Bow. Also many people prefer the bow over the shuriken because of the shuriken's shape and the way you need to aim it.
  • It used to be a legendary weapon (Rarity).
  • You can make the ball's speed slower by aiming it to a more consistent direction into the ground.