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The Slingshot is a Very Rare ball that costs 800 Crowns in the Shop.

General Overview

The Slingshot is an alternative to the standard ball. Instead of slowly throwing big, staggering projectiles with decent damage; it can fire small, somewhat low damaging balls in quick succession, not unlike the Paintball Gun. The projectiles shot by the Slingshot deal 22 damage, can’t be reflected by a sword, and can also break glass, unlike the Paintball Gun. This makes it more of a tool for out-right killing someone than stopping someone in their tracks or cratering them.

It has a considerably shorter range than most balls, making it useful only at pointblank range. The projectiles will not deal knockback or stagger enemies, and it also despawns on contact and will break windows.

In the 2020.10 update, gravity was added for multiple projectiles including the slingshot. This made the Slingshot's range incredibly low (it was low even before the update). Thus, most people in the fandom consider this weapon useless.

In Infection, this can weaken the infected players to lower their HP to make it easier to kill them.

Buffs and Nerfs (Compared to the Paintball Gun)


  • Cannot be reflected.
  • More damage.


  • Less range.
  • Slower Projectiles.
  • Slower Firing Rate.


  • The Slingshot is featured as a tool in Doomspire Brickbattle, where it can be fired in rapid succession and dealt a small amount of damage. It also rolls and after hitting a wall or ground in the original game but disappears instantly in Super Doomspire.
  • It had its own tool slot in-game as well, but is now in the Ball slot in Super Doomspire.
  • Many people consider this as part of the Classic Set since it was seen in the original Doomspire Brickbattle, as well as many other classic Roblox games.