Super Doomspire Wiki

The Snowball is a rare Ball that cost 400 Crowns in the Shop

General Overview

The snowball is the very good when used for slowing down enemies. The chill effect will drastically reduce an opponents move speed, making it much harder for them to escape effectively. However, it doesn't do much in the way of killing an enemy due to having no knockback, the ball is also smaller and has been noticed to not bounce as much as a regular ball. The cooldown is reduced by 25 percent making it even a more spammable tool than the default Superball.

It can be useful in Infection, as it can still one-shot an infected along with it’s faster reload time and still being able to deal damage while rolling. The chill effect is very useful in combat since it makes opponents easier to hit.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • -25% reload time.
  • Chills an enemy for 6 seconds,


  • No knockback.
  • 20% slower throw speed.


  • It is the only Superball that can inflict chill.