Super Doomspire Wiki

Special Attacks are a different kind of attack that only Swords, most Bombs and Rock Star can preform . Special Attacks need to be recharged before one can use it again and using a sword’s strike will require to recharge the move again to be able to use both moves. The keybind to Special Attacks is 'R' or the Right Mouse Button when in Shift Lock or 1st person. There are only 13 Specials in-game.

List of Sword Special Attacks



A player preforming the Lunge attack.

Lunge is a special attack that makes the user dash forward, dealing 35 base damage to everyone in their path. It takes 3 seconds to recharge. The lunge sends users exactly 35 studs in front. The best way to use this is during bomb jumps and when chasing others. The SwordShadow Blade, Voxcalibur, Darkheart, and their respective skins use this special attack. The Shadow Blade has a greatly increased lunge speed, at the cost of a longer cool down. The Voxcalibur will travel slower, also affecting it's effective lunge range as well. The Darkheart will give you 13 health on a successful hit but will take slightly longer to recharge.

Great Spin

A player preforming the Great Spin attack.

Great Spin has the user spin their sword around themselves for around half a second, dealing 40 damage and knocking away enemies a fair distance away. This can be good for close combat and crowd control. The Great Swing also allows the user to move faster while performing the move on the ground and boosts you up when used in mid-air, which means that the Great Swing can be used to assist in bomb jumps. The Greatsword and its skins use this special attack.

Home Run

A player preforming the Home Run attack.

Home Run has the user charge a swing with their bat, dealing 50 damage and launching the target into the sky, staggering them as well, and playing a home run sound when landed. The hit launches players approximately from one end of a base to another. It can be used to reflect rockets (or other reflectable projectiles), which can be reflected with insane power but are fairly hard to land. It takes 0.5 seconds for the animation before the swing itself happens. When a player is hit with the move or a successful reflect has been done, the user will gain the "Batter Up" buff; where they will now gain a 150% walkspeed boost and pastel rainbow trail for 10 seconds. When the animation is happening, the player's walk speed is set to around 1. If the player has deflected the rocket, the "Batter Up" buff will not have a pastel rainbow trail. It takes 2.5 seconds to recharge the attack after the swing. The Homerunner and its skin use this special attack.


A player preforming to do the Serve attack.

Serve has the user fire out a tennis ball that travels approximately from one bridge to the opposites end in length. When a player gets hit by the ball, they take 20 base damage and get staggered and pushed away similarly to the superball. The tennis ball can be reflected, increasing it’s potential knockback and gaining 4 damage, then increasing by 2 damage every consequential time it gets reflected. It takes 2.5 seconds to recharge the special attack. The Tennis Racket and its Golden Racket use this special attack

Flame Cutter

A player preforming the Flame Cutter attack.

Flame Cutter has the user send out a flaming wave in the direction the user is facing. The wave travels approximately from one bridge to the half of the opposite one. Using this in the air can boost you up a bit. The Flame cutter does 35 base damage. The flame cutter also inflicts Burn for 2 seconds, which does 1 damage every 0.2 seconds. This totals up to 45 damage. The attack takes 2.7 seconds to recharge. The Fire Sword and the Firebrand have this special attack.

Ice Cutter

A player preforming the Ice Cutter attack.

Ice Cutter has the user send out a chilly wave in the direction the user is facing. The wave travels exactly the same length and speed as the Flame Cutter. Using this in the air can boost you up a bit. The wave does 35 damage and inflicts Chill for 4 seconds, heavily decreases jump power and slows down the target by a lot. The attack needs 2.5 seconds to recharge. The slowness effect does not stack with the slowness effect from the Snowball. The Ice Sword uses this special attack.

Mega Smack

A player preforming the Mega Smack attack.

Mega Smack is an overhead swing similar to a sword’s strike, landing the hit deals 25 damage along with the enemy being knocked back and staggered. Unlike Home Run, Mega Smack is instant. It takes 2.25 seconds to recharge. It gives a slight upward boost. The Frying Pan and its skin uses this attack. In older versions of the game, this used to be the Brickbreaker's special ability.

Brick Smash

Brick Smash is a swing to the ground, which is slow and considerably useless. However, if the player has 50 or more Bricks, it will cause a massive explosion that can deal heavy damage to players in the blast. This special can be utilized in the air, in which the player will continue spinning until they hit the ground, hammer down first. The Brickbreaker is the only weapon that uses this attack.

List of Bomb Special Attacks


Planting is a special attack that is used with bombs. Planting allows the bomb to attach to the surface you’re standing on with a “click” sound. A planted bomb will have less explosive power but will launch the player farther if they bomb jump with it. Planting in the air or on a very steep surface will drop the bomb down without using the user’s momentum, and will still have it’s planted bomb attributes. The Sticky Bomb, Shadow Bomb and the Remote Detonator cannot use this special.


Detonate is exclusive to the Remote Detonator, and will instantly detonate any armed bombs set by the player using it. If the player has no armed bombs set, a button noise will play and nothing will happen. This special has no cooldown, however, bombs will not be able to be detonated for one second after being planted, but if you charge the bomb up and throw it the bomb can be detonated almost instantly. On the May 2021 update though, it now takes +2 more secs before you can bomb jump with it. You can use this weapon to do high bomb jumps forward from the bomb to fling yourself around the map.

List of Rocket Special Attacks

Power Chord

Power Chord

Power Chord is an attack where the player spins around and makes a small blast of sound energy around them that deals damage based off distance, where it can deal up to 35 max damage, along with push away and but not stagger anyone close, it will also blow away any bombs in it’s radius. This special attack is unique to the Rock Star. The reload of Power Chord is separate from its own rocket reload with a “twang” at the head of the guitar when reloaded. The power chord used to have a much bigger range and knockback, but has since been nerfed in the 10/21/2020 Update.

List of Trowel Special "Attacks"


Rotation is exclusive to all of the Trowels. This special attack just rotates the building by 90°. The Shadow Clone, Trampoline, Ball Turret and truss trowels can be rotated, but doing so does not affect the construction's use. (It doesn't make a change in the gameplay at all)