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The Spooky Staff is a Fall Event exclusive Legendary Launcher that costs 9,000 Crowns. It is a reskin of the Hoss Hog and is purely cosmetic. It is also the 3rd most expensive tool, tied with the Starblaster, behind the Caddywhacker and Glowblade.

General Overview

The Spooky Staff is meant for rocket jumping. While it can do combat fairly well with its faster rocket speed, it is meant to be a quick escape tool. It gives you further distance with your rocket jumps, and you can do them more often. It is also decent for destroying spires since you can fire more over time, although the nerfed blast radius may make it less effective than other launchers. It's good for combos and quick escapes if you're in a sticky situation, but use it when you have higher health as you might KO yourself in the process!

The Spooky Staff suffers from its lacking combat capability. Since it has a smaller blast and less damage, killing enemies is harder since you are unable to OHKO (One Hit Kill). However it is more spammable as it has a shorter reload and can be paired with Balls to clean up, though it does not stagger enemies so it may be harder to clean up. It also has a faster rocket, making it easier to hit your enemy. Another downside is the 15 damage on rocket jump. While in most circumstances this doesn't matter, if you are tight on health and need to get away, you will have trouble unless you have something else that can quickly get you out of a pinch such as the Remote Detonator or Shadow Clone.

This launcher compared to the Laser Cannon which has similar stats, the latter is more oriented towards combat as it fires 2 projectiles and has a weaker rocket jump than the Spooky Staff.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • +25% rocket jump.
  • -15% reload time.
  • +25% rocket speed.


  • Does not stagger enemies.
  • -15% damage and blast radius.
  • Inflicts 15 self-damage.