Super Doomspire Wiki

The Starblaster is a Legendary Launcher costing 9,000 crowns. This launcher is a reskin of the Bombardier and is purely cosmetic. It was added on the 25/2/2020 update.


The Starblaster is unique in that, instead of firing a rocket in a straight line, the Starblaster fires rockets at an arc. In addition, the rocket’s damage increases as it travels; being a good rocket at far distance, even thought the arc makes it hard to aim far like other rockets do.

When held, you will move slower; making it a hindrance when trying to rocket jump with it or when using it for combat. It also has slower reload speed.

Because of the arc when firing the rocket, it has the second shortest range of all rockets, being beaten by the Crystal Blaster. But due to the arc, it makes the projectile a lot harder to reflect, it can go over obstacles around the map, and it may be harder for the opponent to predict where the rocket lands. The arc can be useful in Roundcat Rally, due to it being able to mostly avoid reflects and easily go over walls. However, the Starblaster will not reach all the cats, and you will need a different rocket to reach the cats in the back. The Starblaster still has an arc when reflected.

The Starblaster is the 4th most expensive item in the game after the Spooky Staff, the Caddywhacker and the Glowblade.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • +30% blast radius.
  • Damage increases as it flies


  • +25% reload time
  • -15% walkspeed while holding

The Starblaster's projectile, followed by its glowing trail.


  • This was the most expensive item before the Glowblade and the Spooky Staff.
  • When the rocket does get reflected, it travels in a straight line rather than an arc.
    • If this is reflected by Home Run, it will also be reflected in the same angle it was shot.
  • It was most expensive Rocket Launcher before the Spooky Staff was released.
  • This is the only reskin of the Bombardier.
  • Sometimes the explosion glitches and the projectile doesn't actually explode.
  • The Shooting star sticker and the star blaster will go together when used with a sticker patch.
  • People usually calls this Star.