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Game Creators

Polyhex - Creator & Developer

blutreefrog - Developer (Formerly known as Wheatlies)

Wiki Staff

The Founder

BoyMeows - Former Bureaucrat and Founder of the Wiki; Inactive

Megamonsta2 - Former Bureaucrat; Inactive; Resigned

Wiki Bureaucrats

Ruyeex - Bureaucrat; Chat/ Thread and Content Moderator; Semi-Active

Minetriforce - Bureaucrat; Chat/ Content and Thread Moderator; Sysop; Inactive

Wiki Admins

AverageGamer8 - Admin, Content Moderator and Discussion Moderator Active

FestiveAdam09 - Admin, Chat Moderator; Rollback; Thread Moderator; Active

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VexNinjaxx - Content Moderator; Thread Moderator; Active

Jac16king - Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator; Inactive

Jello201 - Chat Moderator; Thread Moderator; Inactive

Ethantang19 - Thread Moderator; Content Moderator; Inactive

Former Staff Members

ZeroDaDragon - Bureaucrat; Administrator; Chat/ Content Moderator; Resigned

Adumchargerwaffle2 - Content Moderator; Thread Moderator; Rollback; Resigned