Super Doomspire Wiki

Swords are tools primarily used for close combat and mobility. Most Swords have a 4 stud range, with the exception of the Greatsword, which has a 7 stud reach, and the the tennis racket and Shadow Blade, which has a 5 stud reach.

All swords have midair attacks. Midair attacks are attacks when pressing the left mouse while airborne with your sword. Air attacks will make you gain height, assisting movement in the air like bomb jumping over long distances or just travel in general. Note that there is a limit to how many air attacks you can do, lowering the height of each subsequent midair attack until being unable to gain any more height. Voxcalibur does +5 more damage with a sword jump. The Greatsword's special move launches the players up 2 times more than a normal sword jump.

Clicking left-mouse two times in quick succession with a Sword, Darkheart, Shadow Blade, or a Voxcalibur will perform a powerful strike move which deals extra damage. The shadow blade deals 38 damage with the strike attack while other swords deal 45 damage. Using the strike attack will require and consume the Special Ability of the sword.

When swung, swords are able to reflect rockets from Rocket Launchers, the special projectile from Tennis Racket, and the Paintball Gun, converting the projectile to the reflector’s team along with increasing its damage, blast radius, and rocket speed by 20% up to a maximum of 400% the original speed, blast radius, and damage. The Shadow Blade increases the stats of the reflected rocket by 50% (i also doubt) and the Tennis Racket increases the stats of the reflected rocket by 150%.

All swords have access to a Special Attack. The key bind for using a Special Attack is 'R' or the Right Mouse Button when Shift Lock is activated, or in 1st person.

Sword List