Super Doomspire Wiki

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you play Super Doomspire better:



  • Exploding Towers - Destroying spires.


  • Weapon Combos - Combos that pair well together in combat/mobility.


  • Aim for a tower rather than a player, then target the players if all of their spawns are gone.
  • Be quick. Towers tend to fall in less than a minute, so knock down your opponent's tower faster.
  • Ambush unaware players from above.
  • Aim for behind the player.
  • When falling, keep left clicking your sword to slow down your descent.
  • Make sure to not stand close to where you placed your bomb or shot your projectile (unless you intend to bomb or rocket jump) to prevent getting blasted off the map.
  • A top-down camera can help in sword fights. (also shift lock is good too)
  • Different sets of tools give you different advantages.
  • Remember to disconnect your enemies' bridge from the tower.
  • Try and throw a ball which deals ragdoll if an enemy is near the edge.
  • Avoid Bomb Jumping if you have the Smoky effect due to the blast not being effective by 66%, and restarts the Smoky effect timer.
  • You can break your own teams glass to get bricks. Useful for making a quick entrance.
  • In infection, try not to trap yourself in a corner as a survivor.
  • Always read the stats and description of a weapon before buying, so you know if it is a skin or not, and also if it has stats you might like. Just because an item is more rare then it does not mean that its better, and it all depends on your playstyle.
  • When an enemy pulls out their rocket in close to mid-range combat, constantly strafe right and left so it will be harder for them to hit you.
  • Try not to use your rocket launcher in close-range combat, unless if you're sure of where they might walk into.
  • On the Lava map, use the lava to your advantage to jump to high places as a last resort.
  • When an enemy player successfully throws a sticky bomb onto you, quickly switch to any explosive weapon (Bombs not recommended, except maybe Remote Detonator) and shoot yourself, the sticky bomb will be flung off and you will be safe.
  • When sudden death occurs, and there are still team members alive, try to work together with combos.
  • The greatsword is the best sword in infection because it can one shot a infected and its Great Spin can be used of you are surrounded.
  • Take advantage of your Ball. It can hit players without the explosive effect occurring. This can be useful when you can't shoot a rocket at player(s) because they are swinging their sword(s) in the rocket's direction or you want to stun, snipe and/or get a quick hit on an opponent and then you can follow up with other weapons to KO the player.

Tips for destroying Towers:

  • Don't destroy the ground floor, but the one above it. This makes it faster because you don't have to put extra time into destroying the bottom support beams. Another tip is to look at the layout of the floor you're on.
  • If the floor has extra things you have to destroy or limited ground so you can't plant bombs without the Sticky Bomb, it may be smarter to simply go up another floor and destroy it.
  • It might be better to destroy the tower from the outside when you don't have spawns so that you won't get cornered inside of the tower.
  • Lastly, to prevent the tower falling on the ground and not getting destroyed, destroy the back half of the floor you are destroying last to make it fall and not the front so it will be guaranteed to fall backwards into the void. It would be a good idea to use this in maps like Rainbow it could fall onto the bridge if you destroyed the front half. A quicker way to do this is to tip the tower by aiming the bloomerang/hatarang at the bottom.