Super Doomspire Wiki

The Wise Eye is a Unique Shadow Shuriken skin. You can obtain this by redeeming the Super Doomspire toy code that comes with the toy. It is designed after the yellow team leader.


The Wise Eye is a very direct-combat-oriented tool, mostly use to deal significant damage to an enemy, or to outright KO them. This still requires good aim, though unlike Shadow Shuriken it bounces or ricochets like a regular Superball would. It also helps players to easily shoot another one considering the faster reload.

It can also be great for combos as you can get an opponent very low when combo'd with a lunge or KO them when combo'd with a Greatsword or Flame Cutter.

When the ball hits an enemy, it will have a special effect of an eye and a sound effect.

Buffs and Nerfs


  • 100% more damage when charged.
  • +15% more reload time


  • -15% speed.
  • Cannot stagger enemies.


  • This is tied with the Crystal Blaster and Bow for having the highest damage buff in the game.
  • Unlike the shuriken, this ball is thrown and rolls like a normal Superball.
  • This ball has a bigger hitbox than shuriken, even though it's a skin of said weapon.